We help companies to find out what you think about them, their products and services. They get your feedback via surveys. You will be rewarded with a point system called reward points for every survey that you take. You can receive 4 points to 20 points for each survey depending on the length of the survey(1 point =Rs.10). There are also rewards for referring friends. Our points are redeemable for cash . To redeem for cash, you must have a minimum of 100 points. You will be paid by cheque .Our is one of the most promising players in the market research field in India.

We are an internet research firm that specializes in online paid surveys. These evaluations are carried out by members of the Our Panel, to which you can become a member of for free. By simply registering your interest in doing Our surveys, you can participate in a range of research studies that include product evaluations, research studies, reward mail and deals. Each comes with its own rewards for your participation in them.

When you participate in Our survey, you’ll be carefully screened, to see whether you match the needs of the company conducting the research. It’s important to be honest and provide comprehensive information about yourself and your life style so that you can be reimbursed for your participation. Filling in Our surveys is not about making up answers – it’s about your honest response to a product or service. Companies look for honest feedback, so be considerate and honest as you fill in these surveys.

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Apart from being able to assist companies to make important changes and decisions, you will also receive compensation for your participation in these studies. The majority of surveys available on the Our website offer cash compensation, which varies according to the specific study. They do claim, however; that depending on your profile, you could be contacted several times in one year with invitations to participate.